The Sketch A Day Project began on the 1st of January 2014 when Artist and Illustrator Jane Moore decided to keep a journal of daily sketches as a New Year’s Resolution. Jane recorded observations, thoughts and ideas in a collection of trusty Moleskine sketchbooks, taking inspiration from topics such as literature, traveling, current projects, family, public figures and life-drawing.

“Drawing a Sketch A Day allows the mind to wander off on a creative tangent from everyday work. Providing freedom to draw what you desire and also allowing for personal growth and development. Drawing skills improve vastly, as does the ability to think of fresh and unique ideas for both personal and commercial work.”

“From fox-trotting foxes, through languishing lovers, to Da Vinci-esque anatomical studies, these are more than just sketches but a unique collection of thoughts and ideas drawn in exquisite detail by a fine artist in her stride. Making us smile, reflect and marvel, Jane Moore’s ‘Sketch A Day’ debut exhibition is one not to be missed, setting a benchmark for contemporary fine artists who want to make their mark.”
Simon Tarrant – Artist and Art Curator.

The Sketch A Day Project culminated in January 2015 with an exhibition of the entire 365 individual drawings at Shapes in Hackney Wick, London. The exhibition collaborated with poets and musicians to bring an eclectic line up of spoken word and live music. Local schools were also invited to attend workshops, working alongside Jane drawing from costumed life models. 

Inspired by the project, Kirstin Maguire, poet and friend, decided to take on the Sketch A Day challenge for her 2015 New Year’s resolution. Interpreting ‘sketch’ in the medium of poetry, Kirstin produced a piece a day for 2015. This led to Jane and Kirstin’s work being picked up by poetry publisher Alba, who have brought a selection of their daily works together in the Sketch A Day Poetry Book. The Sketch A Day Poetry Book Launch will take place on the 25th of Feb at We Are Facility, Dalston. Jane will also be showing new works inspired by the Sketch A Day Project. 

To read Kirstin’s daily poems from 2015 please visit